Thursday, January 13, 2011

By Brandon Michael Young

When I think of perfect biceps, I think of Arnold. His biceps were perfectly rounded, and proportional with the rest of his body. Arnold and his training partners were intense. It amazes me how much work energy they invested to build biceps, often putting in 8 hour shifts of training at Venice Beach. Luckily, for us, training knowledge has evolved. Here are some tips that will help you build biceps as soon as possible.

1. Proper exercise selection is essential to build biceps. When selecting exercises, you should choose those exercises that stimulate the most motor units. The top three exercises to use are the preacher curl, incline curl, and curls using a bicep blaster. The standing curls that most people do involve too much cheating. The mind to muscle connection is not strong enough to build biceps optimally.

2. Using proper form is the next variable to build biceps. Many people use entirely too much weight on their bicep curls. They use their whole body during the motion. The body gives you feedback when you are cheating. If you are cheating your feel the load transfer through your shoulders. You should feel the load in the bicep, almost exclusively. Your forearms should not be tensed. It is humbling to use the amount of weight that you should be using. However, backing off the load is usually the easiest way to improve your form and build biceps.

3. Cycle your prime exercises through different repetition schemes. There are three primary muscle fiber types in your body. The three types are strength, strength endurance, and endurance fibers. Strength fibers are trained using 8 reps or less. Strength endurance fibers are trained using 9-20 reps. Endurance fibers are trained by using many repetitions, say 50 to 100. At each workout train the three exercises I suggested, but rotate which muscle fibers you are training with each exercise.

4. At certain levels of training intensity, different amounts of sets are optimal. Whichever exercise you choose to go heavy on, use a high set, low rep scheme, such as 6 sets of 4. For the exercise you choose to use for training strength endurance use less sets, such as 3 sets of 9 reps. For your endurance exercise just do one all out set with light weight, as many reps as you can get.

  If you follow these suggestions, you will build biceps as soon as possible. Just make sure to eat good and rest between sessions, for at least one day. I see many people train biceps a few days in a row, and I feel it is a bad idea. It seemed to hinder my success when I trained that much. Arnold and the boys already learned the lessons for us. Why repeat the past? Get to the gym and build biceps.

Brandon Young is addicted to strength training and building muscle. He helps people to gain muscle because he enjoys helping others. If you want to learn more about building muscle, sign up to receive more information from him at

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  1. thanks mate for your help. will definitively try out for today while doing the gym and let you know the developments further.

  2. I'm glad to hear that my friend! Let me know how are you working out!