Monday, January 31, 2011

By Daniel K

 The racket is the single most important piece of equipment. Forget price, you want one that feels good in your hand and gets your strokes where you want them to go. You've got to get to grips with your racket first. Then, you can stuff the other spaces in your bag with tennis goodies!

Getting to grips with rackets
It's important to feel comfortable holding your racket. When you grip it, there should be a gap about the width of one finger between the base of your thumb and the tips of your fingers. Rackets have different grip sizes, find the one that feels right for you.

The head is where the strings are. The entire area inside the head is known as the string surface. Within it is the sweet sport. This is the area in the center of the strings. Some tennis rackets have a big head, but the larger frames mean more air resistance, and moving them around can be a little trickier. It's recommended that beginners stick with a medium-sized head.

The area on either side of the head is called the beam. You might have noticed already that some rackets have wider beams than others. A wide beam can add some power to your shots, but when you are leaning to play, you don't want balls bouncing off all over the place, so a moderate beam is best.

Throat and shaft
The head is connected to the grip by two curved sides that meet to form the shaft. The triangular area between them is known as the throat.
Strings are made from a variety of materials. Each comes in a different gauge (thickness) and can be stung to a specific tension (the pressure under which the strings are secured to the frame). You might want to re-string your racket when it starts to lose its tension.

The racket handle is called the grip and is normally covered in leather or synthetic rubber. The very end is called the butt.

Get a grip
After a lot of use, the handle of your racket may show signs of wear. You can replace the original grip with grip tape. For extra comfort, try an "over grip", where grip material is wrapped over the top of the original grip. Make sure the grip is still the right size for you. If it's the wrong size it can affect your shots and even cause an injury called tennis elbow.

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