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 You have your fishing rod and reel. You have your fishing line. But now you have one of the most difficult decisions to make. You have to choose the right lure. Without the right lure all the best equipment in the world will not be able to help you. You could fish all day and not catch anything with the right lure.

There are several things to consider when picking what lure you want. The biggest factor though, is the species of fish that you are targeting.

The biggest factor in lure selection is the species of fish that you are going after. Bass go after a variety of lures such as spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, crankbaits, and plastics. Spinnerbaits have a rubber skirt and some spinner blades. The skirts come in a variety of colors for different water conditions. Buzzbaits are similar to spinnerbaits in that they have rubber skirts, but their spinner blade is designed to make noise on the top of the water. This makes a buzzbait a type of top water lure. Crankbaits are designed to simulate bait fish and come in various colors and are designed dive to various depths. Plastics are designed to simulate all manners of baits that a bass would eat. The types are just as numerous. They have plastics that imitate worms, fish, crawfish, and even lizards. There are other types but those are the most popular ones.

For trout the lures are different. The most popular types include spinners and spoons. Spinners come in a variety of colors and many different sizes. The most popular ones are generally gold and silver bladed spinners. However, there are copper bladed ones along with spinners that have been painted to simulate smaller fish. Spoons also come in all manner of colors and sizes. Popular ones are gold, silver, and red /white. Where you are fishing would help determine what you would use, however, spinners are generally the better bet in most locations.

Smaller panfish like bluegill, crappie, and perch most fisherman use little jigs of various colors. The size varies but is generally between 1/64th-1/8th oz. What colors you would use would be determined by the conditions of the water and the type of forage is in the place that you are fishing in. If the water is stained chartreuse, black, brown, orange or red jigs are generally more productive.

For a larger species like pike you want to use large lures. Some favorites are large spoons up to at least an ounce in size and in various colors. Large spinners of various colors can also be successful. Large jointed swimbaits that simulate different fish species are great to use as well. Swimbaits are similar to crankbaits, but have a joint in the middle that makes them more lifelike. Buzzbaits and other top water lures can also be used if the conditions are right. Bigger lures will attract bigger fish, but you will catch fewer.

The easiest way to figure out what you are going to need is to get a fishing report of the place you will be fishing at. This will narrow down you choices greatly. It will also save you money so that you do not get any unnecessary lures. So go find what you need and get fishing.

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