Saturday, February 12, 2011

By Brent Parkinson

  The lights are off. The WWE arena awaits and expects in anticipation for his arrival. Suddenly a flicker of light is seen and out of the smoke cloud and psychedelic lightings and sound of P.O.D Booyaka 619, a small man, no more then 5ft. 6 inch tall, rises high. The multitude, especially the children, shout his name in unison; he is their favorite. He, who has defeated the likes of Matt Hardy, Big Show, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, once again ascertaining the fact that size hardly matters. The man who defies Physics with his phenomenal high flying, air-borne moves the man who epitomizes the saying 'Big thing comes in small packages'. Yes the one and only Rey Mysterio.
Rey Mysterio Jr. was born Oscar Gutierrez, a Mexican American in San Diego. Since his childhood days He had the wrestling bug rooted deep inside him. That's why he trained dedicatedly under his uncle, Rey Mysterio Sr. Although initially, from 1992 to 1995, he was a part of Asistencia Asesoría y Administración in Mexico, his talent was destined to be showcased internationally. So, Rey moved into ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) and worked there from 1995 to 1996. And from there, he migrated to WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in 1996, and remained there till 2001.

 In 2002, Rey decided to drop 'Jr.' from his name and continued to make appearance as Rey Mysterio. But the big break and turning point in his life came in 2002, when he was asked to join World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE. He had a hyped up and explosive debut on July 25th the same year in the Smackdown edition of the show.
  Rey, being the trend setter, quickly redefined the way he played the game in the ring. From the colorful masks, to the awe-inspiring trademark 619, to the West Coast Pop, Mysterio has a cult fan base not only in his home centers, but in the entire WWE universe. Rey has his championship resume and ranks up there with the legends of the game, The All Time Greats. Till now he has conquered the World Championship, as well as eight Cruiserweight Championships, one Royal Rumble win, and four WWE Tag Team Championships. Despite having an obvious size disadvantage, Rey Mysterio never backed out of any challenge, or stumbled upon any hurdles in his path. With his unabashed persona, his raw speed and sheer energy, it becomes difficult for audience to blink an eyelid, even for microseconds.

 Since the very beginning, Rey's bond with the audience, especially the kids and children was on an emotional level. The children found the whole masked avatar of Rey very interesting and were attached to him immediately. This is proven by the fact that a number of placards declaring affections for Rey are often seen held by children.
Children of this generation treat Rey as their hero, and want to be like him.
That's the reason why Rey Mysterio merchandise is a rage amongst kids and teenagers, and a top draw in WWE stores. Other than masks, Rey Mysterio T-Shirts, Bulk Bands, DVD, Magazines, Posters, Books, Chains etc are also favorite picks.
The respect that this small giant man commands from us and the achievements that he has garnered in such a small space of time is definitive of the fact that he is here to stay and that too for a long time. Every time he is in the ring, he emerges stronger than before. So get ready to move to some Latina groove, and be amazed at the little genius - Rey Mysterio 619, here he comes...
Authur: Brent Parkinson

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