Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Author: Mall  Alexander

 One of the most in style fish to go out and catch, or ought to I say try to catch, is that the crappie. Folks from everywhere the country fish for these little beauties, mostly because they provide such nice table fare. Of all the fish swimming is freshwater, crappie are within the running for the most effective tasting. Their lightweight flaky meat is abundant like the flesh of a walleye, only a small amount "sweeter". There are various techniques which will be used to catch crappie, however 2 of the foremost standard have to be live minnows and/or little jigs. I'll offer a brief synopsis of each in this text to offer you an overview.

 Live Minnows - The foremost fashionable way to catch Crappie is in all probability through the use of live minnows. Most anglers use a size 4 or vi hook, hook it through the minnows back, place this live minnow below a bobber and fish for Crappie. Although this method works, there are higher ways to present you reside minnow to the fish. The simplest means is thru the utilization of gang hooks. Gang hooks are simply a pair of tiny hooks tied in tandem. Thus, within the case of Crappie, the angler ought to first tie a little barrel swivel onto their line. Then tie a eight or ten set of gang hooks onto the opposite finish of the barrel swivel. Currently, take a live minnow and hook it through the lips of the prime hook (I continually leave the second hook "floating free", however hooking the second hook into the minnows' back works moreover). Now place your bobber onto you line and your sensible to go. Hooking the minnow through the lips does very little or no harm, and therefore the minnow lives for a terribly while, which is nice because live minnows will be a bit pricey. The longer you'll keep your bait "alive", the better. The gang hook technique is terribly effective for catching crappie.

Tiny Jigs - Tiny jigs are also a terribly common technique for catching Crappie. The twister tail that you place on the jig is that the necessary part. There are no onerous and quick rules as way as color is worried, so experimentation is that the key. One thing that I've got found is that Berkley's "Power" version of twister tails work quite well. In some cases these "power tails" will even out fish live minnows. Again, as way as what color to use, experimentation is that the key. Another very effective technique when it involves jigging for Crappie is to tip your jig with a live minnow. Simply hook a minnow through the lips onto the hook of your jig, and your jip is "tipped".

 The two techniques mentioned in this text are the most common and only manner to catch Crappie. Are there alternative ways that to catch these delectable fish? In fact, but these two are the most effective. I recently saw a "crappie rig" in the native tackle shop, and thought I should mention it. It was a contraption with like three large hooks returning off of it, with a sort of wire that kept the 3 hooks from getting tangled. It looks somewhat like a "tree", for lack of a higher means to explain it. I used to be flabbergasted by this issue, and quite frankly a touch scared. Please, I beg of you, never obtain or use a contraption such the sort I'm making an attempt to describe. Remember what Steven Wright said of fishermen, "There's a fine line between fishing and simply standing on the shore like an idiot." Using rigs like the "crappie rig" build us appear as if idiots!
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