Monday, January 24, 2011

 So if you read the first part of this basic tennis instruction articles, you are ready for the second most important aspect of your game and that the SWING.
 The swing part of tennis is one of the hardest part to teach. What I can say, is that as you master this one, you'll be a better player or at least win more points.
 The first thing a bout correct tennis swing is ready for the stroke any time. Not swinging on the last moment will improve your stroke amazingly. You'll never believe how many times you get to the ball and your hand is not ready yet for the stroke.By not been ready for the stroke you'll suffer in two aspects:

 1. not been able to direct your stroke to your desired place.

 2. Control - that means your stroke will or be with less power or your stroke will be out.

 Many tennis racket can offer better swinging capabilities, one really good and relatively cheap one is the Wilson k Factor six two, those rackets by using better materials and different wight center can let you swing better and easier. So What I say always? Be ready for the stroke! Even if you feel and think there is still plenty of time for starting the stroke, get ready and lift your racket immediately as you know the direction of the ball! When you are ready all the time for your next shot you get more relaxed in your game and are able to prepare more power and direction for your stroke!
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