Sunday, February 6, 2011

by Trey McDowell

 A now classic racquet, the Head Liquidmetal Radical comes in two sizes for the competitive player. First, we will take a look at a popular racquet used on the pro circuit, the Head Liquidmetal Radical Midplus.

With lighter racquets emerging each year, the Radical is somewhat heavy, but we were okay with this when testing it out. This gave a sense of stability to the racquet, giving a great element of control to our strokes. The spin was exceptional too.

In the serving department, the Liquidmetal Radical passes the test with flying colors. The sweet spot is sizable and allows for a smooth serve, and an equally comfortable return of serve.

Overall, the comfort and feel the Head Liquidmetal Radical gives you, especially off the ground, explains the reason why this is one of the best-selling racquets of all-time. We recommend this to any strong intermediate or advanced player looking for a fair-priced option.

The over-sized version of this player's racquet adds 9 square inches to the head size for those looking for a bigger sweet spot and a little more power with their Head Liquidmetal Radical.

Most advanced players run when they hear over-sized, but this played very nicely for us. The power provided by this Liquidmetal Radical is solid, but the control it has helps players who want both a bigger head size and control.

Serving was great with the over-sized model too. The power was excellent and the control too, but it was somewhat harder to put spin on the ball when serving.

The only drawback we noticed while trying this Over-sized Liquidmetal Radical was it didn't quite generate as much spin as we wanted. This is obviously not a problem if you tend to not hit with a ton of spin, but just don't expect to slice and top spin your way to victory with this racquet.

More advanced players would probably prefer the mid-plus to the over-sized, but both of these models proved to be excellent racquets, and the rest of the tennis world seems to agree.

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