Sunday, February 6, 2011

  Tennis serve drills are great for building up all aspects of your tennis serve but the most important one you want to focus on is the power you can generate in your serve. The more power you can generate the more deadlier your serve will be (when combined with pin-point accuracy and annoying consistency) and that is what you want! So how do you generate this power? Below are 2 things that you should be doing that will easily start to increase the power of your serve and also of your other strokes in your tennis game!
  • Increasing your wrist strength
Your wrist is one of the main components of your serve and other strokes. If you have a weak wrist you will find that you will have a weak serve too. So to increase power of your serve one thing to do is to increase your wrist strength. One drill that I find useful to do is...
  • Grab a tennis ball in your hand
  • Squash it down as far as you can
  • Release
  • Repeat
By doing this with both hands and every time you get a chance you will soon find that your wrist strength will start shooting through the roof (especially if you are a beginner that hasn't done any tennis serve drills that focus on the wrists).
  • Using serve exercises
Tennis serve exercises are used to target the components of the body that are going to be used in the tennis serve. For example one of the main components of the serve exercises are the legs. This is because the legs are what drives power up through your body. Therefore by strengthening your legs you will be able to generate more power into your serve so make sure that you add tennis serve drills that are targeted at your legs.
These 2 tips are vital tennis serve drills that you should include in any tennis training plan! Without them you won't be able to generate racquet breaking power! I too used to be in the same place where my sloppy serve would give my opponent the upper hand but just by following the simple techniques (video demos) over at I managed to develop a serve with racquet breaking power, pin-point accuracy, opponent-frustrating consistency and all round deadliness that DEMANDS respect!



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