Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whether he's pummeling over NFL quarterbacks in scrimmages or beating his opponent to submission in mixed martial arts, Brock Lesnar has found a way to utilize his tremendous combination of speed, size, and strength. The current mixed martial artist has had great success in amateur and pro wrestling and came close to playing in the National Football League.
Lesnar grew up in Webster, South Dakota. He attended high school at Webster High School, where he had an undefeated wrestling season in his senior year. His success on the wrestling mat enabled him to get a full-ride scholarship for his junior and senior year at the University of Minnesota.

He had a superb amateur wrestling career while at Minnesota. He was a four-time All-American, two-time Big Ten Champion and NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion in 2000. He was the runner-up NCAA wrestling champion in 1999.
After finishing his collegiate career, Lesnar signed up for the World Wrestling Entertainment (then known as the World Wrestling Federation). He made his WWF debut the night after Wrestle Mania 18 by destroying Maven, Al Snow, and Spanky. It was the beginning of a very successful pro wrestling career for Lesnar in which he became a prominent figure in the WWF.
His final match ended up being a train wreck. He was set to fight against Goldberg, a wrestler he had regularly been compared to. The fight was supposed to be a marquee event, but the fans had found out prior to the match that it would be the final match for both fighters (Lesnar had stated his interest in a career in professional football). Both fighters were jeered throughout the match.

In 2004, Lesnar turned down a lucrative contract with the WWE in order to pursue a career in the National Football League. He tried out with the Minnesota Vikings. He got his first sack in a scrimmage against the Kansas City Chiefs, hitting quarterback Damon Huard so hard he had to sit the next couple plays out. His bid to join the NFL ultimately ended up being unsuccessful, as was one of the final cuts.

In order for Lesnar to be released from his contract with the WWE, he had signed a contract stating he would not perform in entertainment-style wrestling or mixed martial arts until June 2010. Because he was unable to make it in the NFL, he challenged the ruling in court. The two parties eventually came to an agreement, and the case was dismissed and Lesnar was allowed to wrestle again.
Since 2007, Lesnar has been a part of mixed martial arts (MMA). He signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2008. After losing his first UFC fight to Frank Mir, he won his second UFC match against Heath Herring. In his third UFC battle, he beat Randy Couture to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship.
In the short time-frame Lesnar has been a UFC fighter, he has proven he is a force to be reckoned with. With success in amateur wrestling, professional wrestling, and mixed martial arts, Brock Lesnar has solidified himself as one of the most feared fighters in history.

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