Saturday, February 26, 2011

  The very first wwe action figures were produced by LIN in 1984 in response to the consistent rise in popularity of the wrestling industry. Though the figures produced by LIN bore a remarkable resemblance to the wrestlers, they did not have any special features. From 1989 onwards the wrestling federation awarded the contract of producing wwe action figures to Hasbro from 1990 to 1994 after LIN closed down its toy division. These action figures though made from plastic, consisted of various action features. 1996 saw the changing of hands from Hasbro to Jakks Pacific Corporation until the year 2009 where Mattel took over.
Knowing the history of any action figure is crucial for any serious collector of wwe action figures. The WWE Classic Superstar series is considered to be the most popular WWE action figure series. This is when LIN produced wwe action figures as big rubber figures which soon evolved in to smaller yet more entertaining plastic figures when Hasbro took over. This series has over a dozen different figures including legendary wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Brett Heart.

 Purchasing original and authentic wwe action figures is not as easy as one might think. This is mainly because of all the cheap copies and duplicates available in the market today. The best places to usually purchase or even find wwe action figures are on sites like eBay, flea markets, yard sales or from other collectors like yourself. The Ringside Fest located in New York City is considered to be an ideal location for finding exclusive wwe action figures from the Jakks Classic Superstar series which came in to play after the series put out by Hasbro. There are also many websites which will help you find the exact action figure that you're searching for; if you're lucky. Looking in the right places always enables positive results. 

 A majority of WWE action figure collectors customize their figures with the use of professional action figure paint. This, if done successfully, will give the wwe action figures a higher resale value which will in turn increase the value of your entire collection. Set up your figures in an airtight glass case in order to preserve them and do not expose them to dust. This does not mean that your display options would be limited. One can always place the figures in a mini wrestling arena or any other appropriate prop as long as it is covered with a glass surrounding to enhance preservation.
Taking excellent care of wwe action figures if you're a collector is an essential not only to increase its value but also to enable the legendary characters to live on. A lot of original action figures are not available to the public so if you've found one then it's a keeper. One should make sure to take excellent care of it through and through.
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