Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WWE Wrestling - The Thing You Have to Know If You Like It!

  The WWE Wrestling is a worldwide sport which has become a phenomenon nowadays. Every kid and adult knows and is aware of the latest happenings in the world of WWE Wrestling. This is a very popular sport that has been even more popularized by its use in movies, music videos and TV shows. Not only do people love watching this simply to support their favourite wrestlers but they also watch it because this is something that gives them an adrenaline rush. The excitement and the rush that you feel when you watch a WWE Wrestling match is incomparable. So, the number of fans is increasing day by day and so are the dedicated followers of the matches. In fact, kids even try and emulate their favorite stars and try and dress up like them. There are a lot of products available in the market related to WWE Wrestling that is extremely popular not only with the little ones but also with the adults.

  The WWE Wrestling Company was started by Vince McMahon and is now handled by him and his wife, Linda McMahon and his son Shane McMahon. It is one of the biggest organizations in the world and 96 percent of the voting power of the company lies in the hands of the McMahons. Apart from that 70 percent of the WWE's economic interests are also under their control. So the majority of the company's shares belong to these guys. It is totally up to them to manage the company the way they like to and that is exactly what happens.

  The headquarters of the WWE are located in Connecticut. It has several other offices in many other cities of across the world that includes Los Angeles, New York City, London, Toronto, and Sydney. This just goes to show that WWE Wrestling is not only restricted to a part of the world but is prevalent in all countries across the world. Hence, as mentioned earlier, it is often said to be a phenomenon rather than a single event or sport. And it does leave its mark on every one. If you watch it once you will be addicted to watch it every time there is a match. That is what the only con of watching and following WWE is.
The WWE that we follow is basically professional wrestling. This means it involves not only pure fighting but also a little bit of theatrics and drama. The drama and the theatrics are only before the game begins. Once the match starts it is pure raw action. There are no cuts and no retakes. The WWE Wrestling in fact has the largest video library as compared to the other wrestling federations. So if you are a true fan then you will have all the videos that have ever been made since WWE Wrestling started. These are not only entertaining to watch but they also reveal the unparalled legacy of WWE Wrestling since its inception. It is indeed, that all of us have watched and experienced at least once in our lives.
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